Inside the World of Thai Publishing

Nanmeebooks House Bookshop Bangkok

Have you ever wondered what goes on inside a publishing house?

This past month I had the opportunity to do an internship as an editor at Nanmeebooks, one of the leading publishers in Thailand. I was given amazing opportunities which were both challenging, and beyond what I could have hoped for.

The office is in Sukhumvit, the heart of the business area of Bangkok, Thailand.

Upon entering the publishing section, I noticed the piles of gorgeous books filling the shelves and on every desk; both Thai and foreign titles yet to be translated. The atmosphere was one of quiet concentration, but also of warmth and passion, as people from different divisions discussed the book they were currently working on together.

Nanmeebooks Publishing Thailand Office

Each morning started with a 5 minute stretch routine, followed by a short meeting. A different person would talk each day; presenting the book they had worked on that had just been published, sharing their experience at an overseas book fair, or discussing publishing and world news.

The work day would then begin.

I expected that during my internship I would mostly be observing, and assisting where possible. However, the wonderful people at Nanmeebooks had other ideas!

I was given a project: to create an ABC book. The approach was left up to me.

I presented five ideas to the Publishing Manager of Nanmeebooks, who selected two of my ideas for me to work on.

After writing the manuscripts and sketching rough illustrations, I learnt how to do market research into ABC books in various bookstores in Bangkok. I then wrote a market survey report, and developed my manuscripts further.

I was also encouraged by the publishing manager to write fictional picture books on various themes, and designed book covers for two books that are going to be re-printed.


The people I worked with were all genuinely lovely people, and made my time at Nanmeebooks a lot of fun.

From encouraging notes, to help with translations, little food gifts left on my desk, to wonderful chats over lunch, I felt so welcomed.


My internship at Nanmeebooks is now complete, but I feel like this is just the start!


I have made wonderful friendships and gained new skills. There are so many fantastic books being printed in Thailand and Australia. I want to use this experience to connect publishers, writers and illustrators in both countries so that we can all benefit from the wealth of literature, creativity and ideas that each country has to offer.

I have some exciting projects that I’m still working on with Nanmeebooks, and look forward to revealing more about them soon!

Over the next three Mondays I will be publishing interviews with some of the fantastic people that work at Nanmeebooks. If you would like to learn more about the Thai publishing industry, make sure you subscribe to my blog so you don’t miss out!



My internship at Nanmeebooks was thanks to a New Colombo Plan Scholarship from the Australian Government. If you are an Australian University Student who would like to study and work in the Indo-Pacific Region, nominations are now open for 2018

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