Book People: Interview with an Editor

Can you imagine what it would be like to read books as part of your job?

Ploy is an editor at Nanmeebooks, one of the leading publishing companies in Thailand. She gets to read books everyday, before anyone else has ever read them!

However, there is more to being an editor than just reading books.

Read on to find out what being at editor is really like!


What inspired you to become an editor?

I have loved reading books since I was a child and always thought that it would be good to get a job involving books.  During the school holidays when I was in the university, I worked as an intern at a publisher and had a chance to edit some books. I found that it suited me and I had a really great time working there. Moreover, I felt, and still feel, proud that I could help publish some useful books for readers.


Can you tell me a bit about what you do in your work?

My job is to edit original manuscripts from writers. I also edit translated foreign books sent by translators to make them well- arranged.


What do you think makes books from Thailand unique from other countries?

This one is quite delicate. I think maybe it is the language, culture, tradition, belief and folklore that make books in Thailand unique.


What do you find the most challenging thing about your job?

Not only do I edit books, but I also have to find information from other sources to correct some inaccurate parts. Moreover, when editing some words or sentences I must make sure the words or sentences that I use are correct.


What is the best part about your job?

My job involves reading a lot, so I feel like I can get new knowledge from the books that I edit every day.


What is your favorite project you have ever worked on?

A grammatical and conversation teaching book.


What advice do you have for someone who would like to become an editor?

It’s not about just editing books, but to make them useful books for the readers. Thus, editors have to be careful and hard-working to find the most accurate and acceptable information when editing books.

Thank you Ploy!


During my internship at Nanmebooks, I met many wonderful people who contribute to making books the amazing creations they are. Stay tuned for more coming interviews on the blog!


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