Exploring Koh Lanta


Sawatdee Kah!

Koh Lanta has been home to our family for nearly a month now. It is a relaxed island with steamy jungles, long stretches of sand, cute towns and some very cheeky monkeys.

We are staying in a little wooden bungalow, though with four of us it can feel a little crowded at times!

While here I have been studying Thai at Lanta International Language School. In the evenings my husband and I usually walk to the beach with Sunny and Boo, or head to the markets to get some dinner.


My favourite thing we have done so far was walk through the jungle to a waterfall. Sunny happily chatted all the way, telling me he saw a fossil and asking big questions like ‘Are there bad people in the world Mum?’

The path twisted along the leafy ground and through the river. We saw some monkeys in a tree but when I opened my bag to take out the camera, the monkeys headed straight towards me to try and steal the food in there. We had to make a quick getaway, with no time to take a photo!

It was lovely to stand under the water after a hot walk. It was also Boo’s first waterfall experience, so that was pretty special!


On the way back we found an amazing cave which we explored.


A large open entrance led to little rooms and passageways connected to each other. It was cool and dark in there, with a smooth compressed dirt floor.

There was a small huddle of bats sleeping on the ceiling of the cave.


Sunny found an opening that looked like a heart.


I wonder how long this cave has existed, and what people and creatures have sought shelter there over thousands of years.

I haven’t had much time to draw or write since being on Koh Lanta. The Thai language study keeps me very busy and I like to spend as much time with my little ones as possible! I have some ideas floating around though and look forward to putting them on paper.

I’m off to do some Thai homework now.

Until next time!

Sara x





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